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I know allot of people say just forget about him, it's history, go on with it! We got a new owner and stadium and a very bright future for our new team. Well I say I can't forget about it! Modell took something away from me that I truly loved for three and a half years! Forget about? No way! Life is very short and the older you get the more you realize that.

The Browns were apart of our family ,and losing a family member for three and half years really hurt. When I was much younger I use to wonder why so many fans got mad at Art for firing Paul Brown? I was in my early teens when he did that. The Browns went on and won the "Championship in 1964" against the Colts.

In 1995 when Art announced the move I thought back to that. The Browns won in 1964 with a team that was built by Paul Brown! Then Brown, goes on and gets the expansion Bengals, and that franchise goes to two Super Bowls. Mean while during Modell's 34 years we got close three times to the big show!

I always thought that Art really wanted to win and still does today. Back in the sixties when he bought the team the term multi-millionaire meant something. In today's game that term applies to the bench warmers on the team instead of team owners. The term for them now is multi-billionaire! Guys like Modell and mike Brown have no business trying to run a franchise. They're holding on to the past and screwing the fans of their teams.

I'm mad at Modell for not being man enough to sell the team when he was in such financial difficulty. I'm mad at Modell for all the lies he told the fans about not moving the team! I'm mad at Modell for not apologizing to the best fans in the NFL for moving the team! I'm mad at him for trying to put the blame of his financial troubles on the city of Cleveland!

I do feel sorry for the poor people of Baltimore! They had to put up with Irsay and now they have to put up with the Modell's! I guess you get what you pay for!

I don't hate Modell, I'm just mad at him! I do wonder if he'll ever tell the fans of the Browns, that he is sorry? If he did that I don't think I would be mad at him anymore?

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