Croak the Raven Never More

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The Baltimore Ravens are one of the weirdest teams in the NFL. They bring great greed and felons to the worst city in the United States.

Art Modell and his stepson David are consider in football what Moby Dick was to Ahab. They bring with them the third world charm and scruples that they're known for.

Art works behind the coach giving him helpful suggestions on what plays to call. Mean while David works behind the scene to find bargains for cigars and other odd and ends.

Art is well know for his generosity for his own foundation, The Deep Pocket Foundation, and giving young new coaches a chance to coach his teams every 3-5 years.

Art gave Bill Belichick five years to prove that he wasn't head coach material when most owners could have seen this in two years.

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The city of Baltimore as gone through many changes to become one of America gems.

The Baltimore harbor district as become a Mecca of entertainment and strip joints.

Baltimore Orioles have picked up the great humanitarian Albert Belle just to keep up with the wonderful job Modell is doing.

Baltimore's chamber of tourism predicts there will be a decline in tourism which will relieve traffic congestion.

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