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The Bungles were founded by the "Great Paul Brown," after Modell, made his first "BIG MISTAKE!"
"Everyone knows the second mistake!"

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living in the shadow

Mike Brown,
the owner of the Bungles.
I wonder if he likes Modell?..."Naw!
I have plenty of respect for the Brown family.
Their biggest problem is lack of money to build a top notch team.

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Cincinnatti is known as the Queen city!
Chris, used to play for the Bungles and now you can see him on Fox kissing up to Bradshaw and Howie?

The interstate rivalry won't be the same with out Modell, wanting to beat Paul Brown's, team. But the bragging rights for the state will still be there!

Many Bengal fans have quit rooting for the team and jumped ship to the Browns band wagon! They go by names like Travis, Dixonater, Matt and Brandon.

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