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The 1999 season was a very exciting year with the rebirth of the new Browns! Now that it's over I can't believe how quickly the time went by? In the beginning of the year the time was going by so slowly waiting till the Browns would play their first game. Sure the team was being built and coaches were being hired and the anticipation of the expansion draft, free agents signing and the NFL draft! "But waiting till they played their first game seemed like it took forever?"

Did you know?
  • There is nine expansion teams, but the Browns are the tenth team to be build from scratch and are called expansion even with their history intact.
  • The average games played before the first 10 expansion teams got their first victory is 8.4 games.
  • The average years before the first 10 expansion teams had a winning season is 5.7 years.
  • The last two expansion teams the Jaguars and Panthers got to the playoffs in their second season and the Saints finally got to the playoffs in their 21st. year!
  • The average time it took the first ten expansion teams to reach the playoffs has been 6.7 years.

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