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For Browns ticket info,toll free number:1-888-891-1999

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   Hi, my name is Lloyd Bowen, I was born in 1948 and grew up in the Collinwood area of Cleveland. I love the game of Football and our Cleveland Browns. I made a small site when the Browns first left and kept it up for a short time. I used to watched the games with my father and uncle, when my father retired. In 1996 my father almost died, and that fall, I realized how much I missed the Browns!
They were part of our family for such a long time! While my father was recovering from his serious operation in 1996. There was a big emptiness in our lives that fall! Sunday afternoons used to be filled with laughter, arguing and eating, watching the Browns games. "Modell, the slime-ball" took all of that away from us for 3 1/2 years! I'm so happy the Browns are back...this fall it was filled again with laughter! So what the Browns only won two games! They were back and my dad was still alive and well!
I put the photos in Popup Windows, has a slide shows.Please only open one popup window at a time. For my photos I used an inexpensive digital camera to try and show how beautiful our city has become in the last ten years! If you squint your eyes some photos don't look to bad... lol!

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   Paul Walsh is a award winning newspaper photographer in Lorain, Ohio. He is the only photographer to have an aerial photo of the last game played in the old stadium. And also has several other aerials of photos of the new Browns Stadium.He is selling 11 x 14 prints of the first game Aug. 21, 99 for $ 10 plus $ 3.00 shipping per a order. And also the photo of the last game on Dec. 17, 1995
contact him at
Paul M Walsh
PO Box 523
Vermilion, Oh. 44089
These are Low Resolution photos for the web by Paul M. Walsh, please click below

Did you know?

  • There is nine expansion teams, but the Browns are the tenth team to be build from scratch and are called expansion even with their history intact.
  • The average games played before the first 10 expansion teams got their first victory is 8.4 games.
  • The average years before the first 10 expansion teams had a winning season is 5.7 years.
  • The last two expansion teams the Jaguars and Panthers got to the playoffs in their second season and the Saints finally got to the playoffs in their 21st. year!
  • The average time it took the first ten expansion teams to reach the playoffs has been 6.7 years.