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Dan Rooney
One of the better owners in the NFL!

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The "Best Rivalry in the NFL" is the Browns and Steelers! The Steelers had some great teams with the Steel curtain defense and a great offense with Bradshaw, Franco, Swann and Stalworth.The Steelers kicked our butts during that time with "Mean Joe Greene actually kicking Bob McKay, while he was laying on the ground!" Big Bob was like a sack of doo, doo laying there while the rest of the Browns just stood around and watched? I guess you could say most of the Browns players didn't have to much heart that season! Jack Lambert use to be like clock work in every game hitting Brian Sipe, a few seconds after the whistle had blown! He knocked Sipe out a few times and gave him a concussion! But the Browns had one shining moment in the seventies when "Turkey Joe Jones" spiked Bradshaw!

During the eighties the Kosar era changed the domination of the Steelers and broke the Three River Jinx...about time!! In the 1999 season opener the Steelers embarrassed the Browns in a national televised game...yuck! The Browns were consider the worst team in the league league in 1999! But they had the last laugh on the Steelers, and their obnoxious fans! It felt really good because it happen at "Three Rivers Stadium"! We kicked their stinking butts all over the field...a game we totally dominated in every respect, a complete blow-out in our one point win!

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Beautiful downtown Pittspuke on a Friday night. People just dying to go downtown and visited all the Hot Spots!
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The new public transportation system!

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