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Don't like the Steelers or the Ravens? Talk some trash or just talk football!

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I think football is the greatest game on earth! One of the things that make it such a great game is having certain teams that you enjoy seeing the Browns beat, stomp, kill, maim, kick ass and beat up! Well maybe not actually killing or maiming know what I mean (chuckle)! Most of these teams are right here in our division! Believe it or not the Bengals were really our first rival in the division! In 1968 the interstate rivalry started because of the hard feelings between Modell, and Paul Brown. Both men couldn't stand losing to each other and let their feelings be known in the media.

In 1972, a team we use to slaughter all the time got great...the Steelers! "The Turn Pike rivalry" came into existence mostly because of the drunk, obnoxious, stupid, idiotic fans in Pittsburgh! Plus their team was kicking our butt for a long stretch of time! "Didn't you love it when Turkey Joe Jones, spiked be honest!" Now we come back to Modell again! The disgusting, loathsome, greedy, lying ex owner of the Browns! The so-called human being that spurned the greatest football fans in the NFL by moving the Browns to Baltimore.

"Yeah...Yeah," I know the Colts left the poor fans in Baltimore without a team in the eighties. But all they did was cry about it, we fought hard and got our team back! Some of the Ravens fans are ok but allot of them are mad and jealous that we got our team back so quick! Add in the Modell factor and the cry babies we have our next rivalry.

Info about our rivals...Watch out! might make you laugh!
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2001 Standings
Team Win  Loss
Steelers 14 3
Ravens 11 7
Titans 7 9
Browns 7 9
Cincinnati 6 10
Jaguars 6 10

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