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The first row of the lower deck is barely ten yards away from the sideline. The only way to get any closer is to be on the team. Almost every seat has a great more post! The new stadium has three times as many rest rooms as the old Municiple Stadium. And the good news is you won't see to much of them, because you'll be in and out so fast. And back to your seat.

The new Cleveland Browns Stadium has the best scoreboards in the NFL! Two of them, one in each end zone at mid-level. They do everything but order your food. And when you're out getting food, you won't miss a thing thanks to the most technologically- advanced sound system available -- they even put speakers in the rest rooms.

They have it all! From peanuts to gourmet pizza(yummy)! From soda pop to micro-brewed beer. From cotton candy to exotic coffees. Plenty of food carts and concession stands with many different ethnic foods. Shopping plaza offering authentic NFL products, and Browns merchandise for sale at the Stadium Team Shop.

  • 1."Ok," I'll start with the design of the stadium itself...I don't like the way it looks having all four corners open! I thought it would look better shaped like a horse - shoe.
  • 2. The tight security not allowing signs and banners into the stadium.
  • 3. Not allowing fans to throw beer bottles! (Just Kidding!)

Improvements for 2000
New escalators were installed at two gate entrances to the facility. The architectural firm of Robert P. Madison International, Inc. desiged the structure and enclosure for the escalators that was added to the original stadium structure. The escalators will be designed in a fashion that will maintain the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the facility.
Playing field to be re-sodden for the third time since last summer.

Facts and Figures


    • Original cost 247 million - with the overruns around 300 million!
    • 31 acre site
    • Ramps positioned in each corner of the facility
    • 4 escalators
    • 14 elevators
    • 4 unisex restrooms -- a wonderful option for parents and children
    • 8,000 Club seats
    • 10,000 Dawg Pound Seats
    • 116 Luxury Suites
    • 2 Club Lounges of 50,000 square feet each
    • 21" width for Club Seats
    • 19" width for General Seats
    • 2 color video screens
    • 2 black and white matrix scoreboards the largest in the NFL!
    • 3 auxiliary scoreboards
    • 4 game clocks
    • 2 forty-five second clocks
    • Soccer facilities have been designed into the base building, including a 69 yard and a 114 yard field